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When is the Right Time to Hire Elderly Care at Home?

Knowing when to hire elderly care at home can be a challenge. The last thing a family member or friend wants to do is take away their loved one’s independence. But there are often signs that indicate that home care is necessary. Here are some key signs to consider.

Signs That Your Loved One Needs Help

Signs that an elderly loved one help needs at home may be subtle or obvious. They include:

  • Unopened mail piling up
  • A normally meticulously dressed person suddenly does not change out of dirty clothes.
  • A home becoming unsanitary
  • Weight loss
  • Extreme clutter
  • Forgetting to take medications
  • Not bathing or grooming

How to Talk About Elderly Care at Home

Even though signs of problems at home often prompt the hiring of a home care agency, being proactive about getting help at home is a good way to start. If you notice issues going on, talk about them before they get bigger. Describe to your friend or family member what your concerns are. If they don’t recognize the issue, provide concrete examples.

If they need a caregiver or someone to help around the house, talk about how that extra help can benefit them.

Keep your conversations respectful and treat your friend or loved one like the adult they are instead of treating them like a child. A senior guide to home care

Differences in Home Care

Not every home care agency offers the same types of service. For example, some agencies only offer medical care at home where a nurse or physical therapist comes in. Others only offer caregivers who provide personal care or companion care. And some agencies offer a combination of care options. It’s important to understand the differences before hiring an agency.

Companion Care: Care that provides social support to seniors who are able to live alone independently.

Personal Care: Care that helps people with activities like dressing, bathing, and cooking.

Home Health Care: Care ordered by a doctor that is administered by a nurse, therapist, or home health aides for specific reasons.

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