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How much does home care cost

How much does home care cost?

According to Genworth’s Cost of Care Survey, The average home care cost can range anywhere from $150 – $290 per day or $4,576 – $8,821 per month.

What you can expect to spend on home care all depends on several factors. Including location, length of stay, and care services required, among others. However, regardless of the cost of in-home care, there are many ways families can make this necessary care more affordable.

What is home care?

(Also know as In-home care) Home care is non-medical assistance for seniors in their own homes. With this service, a home care aide helps with the house chores and provides personalized care. The service includes help for daily living activities like dressing, bathing, transportation, and anything else required to help loved ones continue the enjoyment of life when they can no longer perform everyday tasks. 

Why choose home care?

We will always feel more comfortable in places we already know. Changes can be exhausting and unpleasant for everyone, especially for seniors. That is why a large part of the elderly population prefers to stay at home, closer to their families and acquaintances.

Another benefit of home care is that the seniors get to keep their independence and private lives private. Home care gives all the extra help required around the daily tasks with all the freedom to keep doing all the activities the cared person prefers.

How to calculate home care cost

Home care costs depend on many factors. For example, the number of hours per month of service and supplies required for the proper care, location, length of stay, licensing requirements, Non-sleeping visits, Live-in caregiver rates, Non-sleeping visits, amongst others. Contact your nearest caretaker agency to get a more accurate cost.  Let’s break down the three most used schedules of home care:

Hourly home care rates

The national average for home care service is $22-24 per hour. There are some states that are more expensive than average while there are those states that charge well below the median hourly rate.

Daily home care rates

When assistance is needed around the clock, the daily amount can be around $200 to $350. Of course, the price depends on the personalized care required.

You should also know that different home care agencies have an established minimum number of hours per day that their caregivers can spend at the home of a client. In most cases, it is either 2 or 4 hours minimum.

Overnight home care rates

When the home care service is required throughout the night, the range of price is lower than daily rates since, during these hours, the service requires a limited number of hours and activities.

How much does home care costs according to each state

Remember to check your local rates since each state has a different range of prices for home care services hours. As you can see, when it comes to the question ” How much does home care cost” their different variables that determine the cost of in-home care services. Even though the research that was done to prepare this article shows that the national average cost for home care is $150 – $290 per day and or $4,576 – $8,821 per month. We recommend investigating all the options available in your city to have more accurate price estimates. Schedule a Consultation Today

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