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Care options for the elderly

Care options for the elderly

The winter years of life can be quite challenging for some adults. It is best to consider different options of elderly care once the daily tasks are becoming too demanding. Yet, there are so many options that it can be quite confusing to decide the best for your family.

You can hire hourly care right at home or choose the option for a full-time care facility. Here is a resume of some of the care options for the elderly and what services they can offer.

What is Home care

Home care is one alternative for seniors that don’t want to move out. A home care aide will come on an hourly schedule to assist with all the daily tasks. This includes meal preparation, grocery shopping, transportation, personal hygiene, dressing, and as a personal companion.   

This is an excellent option if the older adult prefers familiar places and likes an independent lifestyle. The home care will alleviate all the daily routine leaving more energy and time for other activities. It requires the family hiring, scheduling, and management of the right caretaker. Pricing for home care options may vary and are usually priced on an hourly basis.

Another alternative is Home health care if the elder person needs medical care. In this case, a certified nurse assistant will give all the basic medical monitoring at an hourly rate.

Independent living communities

In this case, the elderly family member will move into an exclusive apartment complex. In this community, residents must be older than a certain age. The lifestyle kept is independent with the community’s amenities like recreational centers, clubs, and group activities.

With community support, the main goal is to avoid loneliness and enjoy being together with contemporary peers. Since the aims of these communities are independent seniors, generally, medical care is not offered. Here are 3 myth about independent living 

Assisted living community

Similar to the independent living option, an assisted living community is a house arrangement designed for older adults. In this case, the suites or apartments are designed to offer full accessibility, including amenities like beds and housekeeping.

Personal care is offered around the clock. Well-being and basic health attention are constantly monitored. Group and social outgoings are held to keep the highest mood and life quality.

Nursing home

A nursing home is a specialized institution. If skilled medical attention is required 24/7, then a nursing home can be the right option for you and your loved ones. Dedicated care provides services like skilled nursing, breathing assistance, emergency care, and full-time monitoring. The services may include physical, speech, and occupational therapy.

Memory care facilities

These institutions are oriented for older adults that are facing degenerative memory. This place is designed for persons with Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s, dementia, or any cognitive damage. All the staff is qualified to care for elder people with mental illness. The attention is 24/7 and it includes skilled nursing and advanced medical care. 

We hope this article helped you consider all the options available for your family. Feel free to contact us to clear any doubt regarding care options for the elderly or fill out a consultation form to get more information on home care in your area.

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